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Making Waves

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I wake up just as the sun is rising above the treeline and race down to the beach to snap a photo. What a great feature this panoramic camera setting is!


We enjoy a delicious breakfast of banana pancakes on our patio and relax until our surf lesson at 11 am. C + C Surf School is located right next to the treehouses so it is a quick walk for our class. After about some quick instructions about how to properly carry the surfboard, techniques for standing up, and safety rules, we head out into the water about an hour before high tide (when the waves would be the biggest), me dragging my padded "baby board" along next to me.

I am surprised by how physically strenuous surfing is and how many different things you need to always keep in mind (footwork and balance especially). After a couple wipe outs, I stand up on my board and ride my first wave nearly into shore. At first, I have an easier time getting up on my board and keeping my balance than Matt does, but after awhile he is able to paddle himself into a wave by himself, while I still need our instructor to push me in to the wave.

We are out on the waves for about an hour and fifteen minutes, during which time I swallow a heck of a lot of sea water, but miraculously my contacts stay in my eyes pretty easily. By the end of our lesson, I am completely exhausted and perfectly fine with never surfing again—I end up being able to stand up about half the time, and that’s good enough for me.

At the end of our lesson we're famished, so we go into town for lunch at a Thai restaurant. I order chicken Pad Thai with a mango-strawberry smoothie in milk, and Matt orders beef green curry with a pineapple-banana-passionfruit smoothie in yogurt. Shortly after lunch, Matt goes back out surfing until low tide, which amazes me that he even has the energy to get back on his board and catch some more waves.


We relax in our hammocks for a little while, but I start to feel nauseated and have to go upstairs to lie down. It only gets worse though and, long story short, I spent the next 12 hours—long into the night—vomiting up everything in my stomach. I suspect that it was food poisoning of some sort… perhaps undercooked chicken or contaminated milk or vegetables. I don’t think it was the water since Matt also drank the water and felt fine. Needless to say, I am completely miserable right now.

This is, I believe, the worst of the illness and I will be back to my normal self soon.

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