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Blue Water, White Sand

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We sleep in this morning because we were both up so late. Since my stomach is still tender, I just eat a slice of watermelon for breakfast before we both go back upstairs to take naps.

A little while later, we drive to Playa Carrillo, an undeveloped stretch of beach in a cove just south of Samara. Compared with the beach bars and surf schools that line Samara’s shore, Carrillo is unspoiled by any buildings whatsoever—just sand, surf and palms. I am still feeling very weak from my illness so we walk a short ways until I am too fatigued to walk anymore. However, even though I'm recovering from an illness I am still amazed by the beauty of this stretch of beach. Maybe it is just my imagination, but I swear that the water looks bluer and the sand whiter than that of Samara. If you ever have the fortune of visiting Playa Carrillo, be sure to take a picture. I hope I'm wrong, but I envision the development of the coastline within the next decade as the visitors from Samara grab onto the outlying beaches as well.


When lunchtime comes, we eat at a beach bar (La Veja Latina? I can't quite remember the name)—I order an avocado salad and Matt had chicken fajitas. Then we just relax at our tree house, laying in our hammocks, napping, and swimming in the pool. We eventually go into town to look for ice cream but don’t really find anything.


I’m just glad that I didn’t get a foodborne illness earlier in the trip, or I would have been unable to do a lot of the tours and activities that we did. Luckily, by the time I actually did get sick, we had done everything we wanted to do and were ready to just relax anyway. So we don’t feel too bad when we spend our last evening in Samara exhausted and immobile. We go out for a late dinner (at Pizza and Pasta A Go Go, where we ate our first day in Samara) but after a long, fun and exhausting vacation, I am ready to just remain still and listen to the waves.

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